On this Quick Take episode of The Weekend Take, I am joined by Box Office Analyst and Creator of the Animated Series "A-Men" Jake Karnas ( www.instagram.com/karnas/ and facebook.com/amentheseries )  to discuss what a Box Office Analyst is and does and what it's impact is on the film industry.

We discuss Jake's early musings as a child to be an animator for Disney and how that all may come full circle with his animated series "A-Men" which is currently finishing up developing it's pilot episode and being pitched to Adult Swim. We will also look at Hollywood and Disney's fascination with adaptations, remakes, and franchises and how 18 year old Jake would not like what current day Jake is doing with regards to the perpetuation of these rehashings of existing properties.

Lastly, we also discuss the roundabout way Jake fell into being a Box Office Analyst as a measure of collateral damage following being scammed by people who over-promised and under-delivered as it pertains to "Goodman", a film Jake was looking to bring to the screen.

All this and more on this episode of The Weekend Take.

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