On this "Quick Take" from Episode 4 of The Weekend Take, we sit down with our special guest from the episode, Director, Screenwriter, and Owner of Kaleidosight Films (www.kaleidosightfilms.com), KL Martin, to discuss Netflix's release of Roma stirring up controversy among theatrical exhibitors after it receives 10 Academy Award nomination, despite having a small, targeted, and out of the ordinary theatrical release.

We also look at what it means for the future of film distribution in the war between streaming and traditional theatrical exhibition as Roma shifts the momentum in streaming's favor after breaking enemy lines with it's success on a grand stage.

To hear more of our conversation and hear Kevin's insights on the films at the multiplex, check out Episode 4 of The Weekend Take here: //itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-4-box-office-mirrors-last-week-as-glass-1-again/id1448603917?i=1000428731137&mt=2

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