On this episode of The Weekend Take, myself and Actor, Writer, Director, and Founder of the Midnight Film Festival (www.midnightfilmsny.com), Freia Titland look at the less than "super" weekend that was at the box office in the shadow of Super Bowl LIII.

Two new releases, one an expansion, made their mark on the Top 10 as "They Will Never Grow Old" and "Miss Bala" landed at numbers 10 and 3 respectively while "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" retired it's jersey and theatrical run and "Serenity" ran the fastest 40 yard dash right out of the Top 10.

We also talk with Freia about being a woman in film and creating things from the ground up, both in regards to the Midnight Film Festival and in one's brand as an actor. She also fills us in on the best piece of advice she received that involves an Athlete, a Prostitute, and a Buddhist Monk. 

Get the full story and more on this week's episode of The Weekend Take.

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