This week on The Weekend Take, I am joined by my special guest, Actor and Filmmaker Elza Zagreda ( as we discuss the weekend that was at the box office.

This week, we saw "Dumbo" take the #1 spot with a lower than expected $45 million, while defending box office champ "Us" sank to #2 and crossed $100 million domestically in just 10 days of release. 

We also saw three small studio release take in big studio box office as "The Beach Bum" from Neon opened at #10, "Hotel Mumbai" from Bleecker Street took the #8 spot in it's first week of expansion, and "Unplanned" from Pure Flix took the #5 spot, while all playing to 1100 screens or less.

In our guest segment, Elza and I discuss "Growing Up Fat and Albanian" both in terms of her film and in the autobiographical tale it is based on. We also discuss the importance of family and the strange ways they support and motivate us, while also discussing coming into prominence in the industry as a woman in film and as a professor at a major university.

In our opinion segment, speaking of women in film, we discuss the catalyst event that set off the progressive movement and advancement of women to key roles in the film industry and how the least likely (and least liked) person may be the person to thank for spurning the movement forward to make women's voices heard and stories told. We also discuss where we go from here and how we educate the next generation of acceptance and inclusiveness.

All this and more on this episode of The Weekend Take. Enjoy!

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