On this week's episode of The Weekend Take, I am joined by Writer, Director, and Co-Founder of the "DON'T WAIT to UnMake a Bully" Project, Mike Feurstein (www.dontwaitproject.org)  to discuss the tremendous efforts and work done by the organization as well as discuss the weekend that was at the Box Office.

This week we saw Jordan Peele's "Us" crush industry expectations and more than double the opening weekend of his previous film "Get Out" on the heels of his revamp of Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" coming April 1st.

Elsewhere in the Top 10, previous two-time defending Box Office Champ "Captain Marvel" crossed the $300 million mark domestically and the $900 million mark worldwide as it enter the Top 10 all-time grossing films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We also saw "Gloria Bell" from A24, starring Julianne Moore make it's way onto the Top 10 in it's first week of expansion.

Mike and I also sit down to discuss the rampant cases of celebrity cyber-bullying, it's consequences and sometimes dire repercussions, and what goes through the mind of a cyber bully / internet troll when they take on their mask of anonymity behind the keyboard and spread their hate.

All this and more on this episode of The Weekend Take!

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